Out of the box - 3d Computer Animation. Start for the interactive showcase of 'new media lab', a Melbourne multimedia company. Concept, Design, Modeling and Animation. Music by Carl Orff - Carmina Burana.

Translation process - 3d Computer Animation. Description of the translation process during the production of protein molecules inside of cells. Part of an educational interactive. Concept, Modeling and Animation.

The cake model - 3d Computer Animation. A visualization of the cake and raisin model, a concept of how atoms look like, known during the end of the 19th century. Part of an educational interactive. Concept and Animation.

mayBites - Flash Animation. An introduction to the mayBites letter head. Concept, Design and Animation.


3D Wizzard - Educational concept prototype. Describes how a mechanical clock works, with 3d visualisation, animations, step by step narration and simultanious interactivity. Concept, Modelling, Programming, Design.

3D Connect - Online game. The concept of 'connect 4' put into the third dimension. Design and programming.

Design - web design. Information-, interaction- and graphic-design.

Programming - Online application. The current version of swissvision's 'webpage generator' was not developed by mayBites, but the prototype on which it is based on. Information- and interaction- design. Prototype developed on Java-Servlet and Oracle.